In July 2011, the dENiZEN® brand launched in the United States, providing great-fitting, great-looking, well made jeans exclusively to Target® shoppers in Target® stores and on With premium fabrics and finishes, and a variety of fits and looks for the entire family, the dENiZEN® brand offers the quality craftsmanship and authentic style that has made Levi Strauss & Co. world-famous for generations.

Denizen means “inhabitant”: belonging to a community of family and friends. Denim is in the name, at the heart of the brand. The dENiZEN® brand is accessible to all, promising the optimism and confidence that stems from looking and feeling great. dENiZEN® jeans are the perfect fit for today’s active families, offering the perfect balance of style and value.

Premium Fabric & Finishes
dENiZEN® jeans are sewn from premium heavy-weight denim for exceptional durability, then carefully detailed with vintage-inspired finishes — leaving you with a one-of-a-kind pair that truly lasts.

Quality Is in the Details
From side seams to our durable triangle stitch, every inch of thread counts toward making jeans that stand the test of time. Metal rivets add extra strength by reinforcing the corners. And years of finessing our patterns means you can always count on a tried-and-true fit.

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint
The dENiZEN® brand believes that being environmentally responsible is crucial to the way we do business. Below are some of the many steps we have taken in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint:
• Reducing the total amount of packaging on our product
• Using recycled paper for all paper packaging
• Working with our suppliers to meet and adhere to our strict waste water guidelines, pollution prevention and waste management policies.
• Starting in Fall 2011, Levi’s incorporated a blend of Better Cotton in over 2 million pairs of dENiZEN™ and Levi’s® jeans around the globe. Better Cotton is a different way to grow cotton that decreases the environmental impacts and has the potential to improve the livelihood of the 300 million people engaged in cotton agriculture worldwide.

For more information on our values, please visit the Levi Strauss & Co. corporate website.

How Can You Help?
Something as simple as washing your favorite jeans in cold water, using detergents that are environmentally friendly, and air drying your jeans rather than using the dryer not only saves resources but extends the life of your jeans.